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Remember the scene from Back to the Future when Marty started to fade out of existence while playing at his parent's high school dance?  Well this isn't science fiction.  It's happening to your photos and videos as we speak.  SCANgaroo comes to you and can scan and protect your entire photo collection in as little as a few hours!

Your photos are a link to your history.  Protect them the SCANgaroo way!

Trouble Organizing Your Photos?

Hey Denver, we can help!  Our team of photo organizers  can get everything in order so you know the who, what, when, and where in your photo collection before we scan them.

Want to do it yourself?  We can guide you through that as well!

They did them carefully to make sure they were the best scans they could get.  I would never have the time to do that - Candy McCune

We put the utmost care into the protection of your photos when we scan them.

Worried about the one family picture of your great grandfather?  We don't blame you!  That's why we'll let you come into our lab and step you through our process.   And the best part is that our lab is parked right outside of your preferred location!

Come take a tour with us!

What if in one day you could have all of your photos, slides, and documents ready for anyone in your family or groups of friends to view in an instant.  Oh, and did we mention those items are not protected from fires, floods, and fading?   

You can be the family hero and we can help.  We'll even let you take all the credit!

Who's enjoying your photos when they're in a box in your basement?

Scangaroo helped me reduce three linear feet of photo albums plus three document boxes crammed full of photos (nearly 5,000 photos) down to manageable size. Just under 4,000 photos are now safely stored on my portable hard drive.”

- Melanie Vicknair

Family Albums

Why wait for disaster to strike and lose all of your important documents.  We can help.  Trouble finding what your looking for in file cabinets?  We can scan so nearly every word is searchable on any computer.

Slide Scanning

Hello Colorado!  We're back and we don't just scan photos!


Document Scanning

White glove treatment of your other scanning needs!

Video and Reel

Recipe Books

Kids Art

We scan your slides in high resolution and will even color correct them from the color shift that is common with these images.


Ever thought of gifting all of your photo memories?